CHSA provides a rigorous curriculum and instruction takes place in English. The majority of our learners come to the school only able to speak either Xhosa or Afrikaans. Each child is assessed on their level of English and goes through intense mastery of English in order to cope effectively. Languages and mathematics remains at the heart of our programme and a standard has been set whereby the instruction time in languages and mathematics is 20% more than in public schools. We provide a longer day, from 7:30 till 16:30 to compensate for the thorough and holistic programme and extra classes are also offered. The learning centre follows the National Curriculum and is affiliated and registered with the Western Cape Department of Education and the Independent Schools Association of South Africa. Physical activity is also a vital part of development for children, thus physical education classes are a required part of the curriculum.

Further to this, CHSA supports its learners for five years following their graduation. This allows the graduates to meet their higher-learning requirements and aids them while in their first year of employment. CHSA supports the graduates with transport, meals, health, social services as well as mentorship.