Parent Programmes

Christel House has reached parents through a series of dynamic and engaging workshops focused on relevant social issues. These workshops have broken the silence around issues such as domestic violence and HIV/AIDS. The workshops have also given participants renewed confidence and a belief in their own abilities. They have also resulted in job placement for many participants, enthusiastic support for academic achievement, and ongoing commitment to continued participation. Transforming marginalised and impoverished communities is a long term endeavour. The parent/community outreach workshops are conducted by external NGO collaborating organisations whose missions and values are complementary to our own.

Parent Volunteer Programmes

Because we are a no-fee school we are aware of the risk of entitlement and thus have established a programme whereby parents give back to the school through volunteer work. It is policy that every parent volunteers a minimum amount of 40 hours annually. They participate in cost-alleviating activities, such as cleaning, gardening, general maintenance around the school, library assistance, etc.